The history of web hosting

Every company of any stature needs a web site nowadays so it is hardly surprising that just about everyone in business is talking about web hosting -- what it is, why they need it, where can they get it, what companies provide the best web hosting services, etc. But how did the muti million dollar web hosting business that we know today, come to fruition? In order to fully understand the history of web hosting, a person must first have a basic understanding of the internet and how that evolved; this is our attempt in that direction.


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The concept of the internet is said to be the brain child of J.C.R. Licklider. While at MIT in August of 1962, Licklider wrote several articles in which he described a series of globally interconnected computers allowing access to information and resources from any location in the world. His vision was dubbed the "Galactic Network." Upon taking the head position at the Computer Sciences program at MIT he was able to successfully convince his would-be successor the importance of his computer idea. The first such network was based around the idea of "packet switching" which sends network data through the phone lines as tiny packages. However, the next logical step was to find a way to make the computers talk to each other.

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