The birth of web hosting

In 1965 Lawrence Roberts and Thomas Merril connected a computer in Massachusetts with a computer in California via a telephone line and the first computer network was officially born. Since this landmark day, the internet has continued to evolve and grow at rapid speeds. In 1966 Roberts announced the advent of ARPANET--the first ever wide area network. During the 70's TELENET was born. TELENET was the first version of a commercial internet provider. This was also the decade in which TCP was divided into TCP/IP, which stands for Transmissions Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. The TCP is the host to host connection between computers and the IP is used to pass the individualized packets of information between computers. This division was an attempt to unify all the networks that were springing up around the globe.

 It wasn't until the 80's that the field of computer science really skyrocketed to new levels. Thanks to the TCP/IP format the ARPANET system was able to link to other networks and this wonderful "Galactic Network" now had a name--The Internet. It wasn't until 1984, however, that the domain name system was invented. This DNS provided computers the ability to differentiate themselves from each other with simple names such as com, net, org, edu, and gov. Seven years later, in 1991, the National Science Foundation lifted the commercial restriction that had been placed on the web and this is where the birth of web hosting began.

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