The growth of web hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows companies or individuals the ability to make their own websites available on the World Wide Web via providing space on a server that they either own or or lease while also providing internet connectivity to their clients. In laymen's terms, web hosting is simply the storage of data and information contained in a website for the owner of the particular website.

For approximately the last seventeen years, the web was used primarily by the academic world and computer experts. However, with the commercial restriction lifted, businesses began to see the potential for gaining customers via the Internet. As the technology became progessively easier to use, more and more people were builidng and maintaining their own web sites. Initially, web hosting was very expensive and very complex making it unavailable to the masses. Over the years, as it became more popular, the technology became easier to use and the service became cheaper. Today, anyone can obtain web hosting for little or no cost to create their own little space in the vast network that is the Internet. It is important to realize that when the business of web hosting first began, large computer companies would rent out space on their servers. But as the demand for this service increased it presented an opportunity for it to become an independent and highly lucrative industry.

Today, there are thousands of web hosting companies vying for your business. Some web hosting services are free, funded solely by advertisements, while others charge nominal fees. Each web hosting site provides different benefits for the user based on individual needs, preferences, style of web site, and the type of site needed.

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